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COVID-19 Update - April 28, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, the PennGen Laboratories have instituted safe distancing practices and are still processing Metabolic and DNA tests, as they have diagnostic ramifications for your pet. These tests include:

  • Fanconi test (urine)
  • Nitroprusside test (urine)
  • Metabolic Screen (urine and serum)
  • Any DNA test that can provide diagnostic confirmation of disease (cheek brush or EDTA/purple top blood).

We will continue to preserve all samples received, so that previously untested samples can be successfully processed as we resume our normal laboratory activities. We remind you that for DNA testing, blood samples (collected in purple top tubes) are much more reliable and durable than cheek brush samples.

We are of course sorry for the inevitable delays in processing your submissions due to protocols we have instituted to keep ourselves healthy and able to continue to work. We appreciate our University’s concern for our health and safety, and hope you are able to protect your health as well. Thank-you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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