VMD/DVM Position

VMD/DVM Positions are available for veterinary associates, and graduates of veterinary medicine. All positions require a graduate degree in veterinary medicine (VMD or DVM).

Veterinarian, Petwellclinic (Private Practice)

915 East Maple Road
Birmingham, MI 48009
248-379-5974 / jake.atchoo@petwellclinic.com
PetWellClinic is looking for an associate with the values of kindness, service, community, openness and growth. Must be friendly, ethical, great with people, and efficient, but unhurried. We are looking for people with empathy and understanding. We take care of pets in a family-practice style and refer everything complicated or surgical. We have a great atmosphere, a great team and a place to work that you will not take home with you. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most affordable care to dogs and cats. Isn’t it time for you to have more life-work balance? Come work with us.
Great people skills, wanting to focus on general practice and not surgery, openness Veterinary Experience: 1 year (Preferred but Negotiable) Criminal background check (Preferred)

Newly graduated veterinarians may apply for this position
Practice Type:
Small Animal
1 Veterinarian And 4 Technicians
How to Apply:
Case Load:
40 – 44 Hours Per Week, Work-Life Balance, No Emergency Hours, No Late Nights
Health Insurance, 401K, Bonus Pay, Paid Time Off
Additional Comments:
PetWellClinic is one of the first walk-in veterinary clinic brands. We serve our community by offering innovative ways to provide high-quality veterinary care in a convenient manner for our clients. We deliver pet care with kindness by showing compassion and understanding of our client’s position without judgment. Growth is important to us as a company, as team members and as part of our growing community. Openness not only describes the physical layout of our clinics but also characterizes both the honest, transparent way we conduct ourselves and the way we embrace new ideas. Service excellence and service to others in our community is key to why we exist. The veterinary industry is way behind as most communities only feature traditional clinics and hospitals that require appointments, often days or weeks in advance, aren’t always transparent with clients and cost too much. PetWellClinic is at the forefront of the veterinary industry. Our proprietary technology was built for an appointment-less customer experience. Pet owners can walk-in any time, no need to call ahead or work your schedule around ours. We live in an on-demand society, and PetWellClinic provides open, honest, and kind on-demand, top quality care.